Common Driving and Knowledge Training Articles

Can You Jumpstart Your Own Vehicle?

It's important to know basic mechanic skills in addition to your knowledge of the road. Passing your knowledge test and getting you class 7 learners licence is doesn't include practical knowledge such as boosting a battery for whatever reason.

Winter Tires vs Summer Tires

If you're still learning the rules of the road, the question of whether or not winter tires are effective and worthwhile can be a confusing one, with conflicting information found online. Studies show that it is worth the cost to install winter tires before the snow falls.

Hydroplaning / Aquaplaning

Hydroplaning is a condition that happens when your vehicle is traveling at high speeds as you hit a pool of water on the surface of the road. Due to the speed the water is then forced under the tire as the water cannot be displaced in time.

Tips & Tricks for Surviving Albertan Winters

Even though the Alberta driver's handbook from Alberta transportation does not focus on content specifically for winter, its a good idea to have some basic knowledge before driving in icy Albertan winter conditions. Questions about winter driving may be on the class 7 knowledge test.

What you need to know about safe stopping distances

Having the proper knowledge and experience is the key to improving reaction time and reducing total stopping distance. This article will tell you two important factors that you need to know about safe stopping distances, before taking your learners test and beginning to drive.

How do I merge safely?

While learning how to drive, merging can be one of the most difficult maneuvers to perform. The rules imposed for changing lanes are designed to maintain the safety of the driver and other vehicles on the road. Driver training will also help with your merging skills.

Learning how to drive defensively